Thursday 31 March 2016

Centurion SDW100 2015 - results analysis

The 2015 SDW100 was won by Peter Kaminsky in 16:50 with Joanna Turner the 204th and last across the line 29:58. I have done some basic analysis on the results to see what I can learn about the race. I hope to attempt the race for the first time this June so need all the help I can get. Fortunately Mark Perkins didn’t run this year as his 14:03 course record would have really messed up my graphs.
I hope to have a crack at a sub-24 result which based on sub-24s at the TP100 and A100 is possible but the SDW has quite a few more ups and downs…

My splits look to be roughly
22.6 miles – 4:00

35.1 miles – 6:40

54.0 miles – 11:00

69.8 miles – 15:15

83.3 miles – 19:15


I have also included a graph which you can use to get an idea of splits for other times. Look up your target time up on the x-axis and then follow a vertical line up and read off your splits on the y-axis. The website also has some great tools to use too with splits per mile calculators etc. I have picked out some points which are close to a sub-24 target time.
Good luck if you are running the race this year. Hopefully I will see you there!


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