Sunday 24 April 2016

Thames Path kit list

I've just done my kit list for next week's Centurion Thames Path. I am hoping I can finish the 100 miles in somewhere close to the 23 hours last year. I thought it might be helpful to share some of my kit choices - a few have been learned the hard way.

Shoes. Mizuno wave inspires until 50. These have been described as the Subaru of the shoe world. First 50 has a lot of hard pack and road. At halfway I plan to switch to Inov8 Ultra 290s. A bit more grip as the second half is muddy.

Watch. Garmin 910xt. Almost certainly better choices out there but I have this from my tri days. Downside is the 20 hour battery life. I get round this with a USB charger and lead in my 50 mile drop bag. I put it in my bag charging and 30 minutes later it has enough juice to get to the end. It keeps recording while charging.

Map. Harvey maps are great as waterproof and only show a ribbon with the route so only one map for the route.

Jacket. Salmon Bonatti. It gets mixed reviews particularly the lack of breathability. However it kept me dry and warm for the 10 hours of rain last year. Also packs into a pocket and has a hood.

Gillet. Good for dusk when it gets cold but don't need a jacket. Also back up in case it gets very cold.

Spare Base layer in bag. This used to be mandatory and it does get very cold on the Thames.

Hat and buff. Buff passes kit check and helps keep neck warm. Warm hat kept in 50 mile drop bag.

Bag. Ultimate direction SJ2.0 Does the job well and stops me packing too much.

Torch. Petzl NAO is great. It ran out of juice on the A100 so I pack spare batteries and a Petzl Tikka 2 just in case.

Compressport calf guards seem to work for me. I plan to switch to Hilly full length socks at 50 when elephant ankles start.

Body glide seems to work well for me and a small pack will be there from mile 1

A pack of tissues in case it is not just my nose that needs wiping. I also have a spare of shorts or leggings in the bag at all times.

Food. Hi5 gels and a few treats. Centurion food is amazing so not much needed to be carried in addition.

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