Sunday 4 July 2021

100 miles finish times versus a night out

Just as 100 mile finish times seem to correlate well with 5k time, there is also a similarity between finishing times for 100 mile races and drinking sessions.

Not all 100 mile races are equal - the winning time for Ronda Dels Cims is over 30 hours and beyond the cut off for some races so this isn't a reflection of the pace of the finishers.

11-12 hours. Most pubs don't even open now so to be finishing your drinking session before midday suggests you have a problem

12-13 hours: Lunch with a beer. Not really counts as a drinking session.

13-14 hours: Just about time to have had a lunch and maybe a glass of wine. 

14-15 hours: Long lunch with a bottle of wine

15-16 hours: As above but probably with added Port/Brandy

16-17 hours: Lunch with an afternoon in the pub

17-18 hours: Long afternoon out but sneaking onto the usual train home. 

18-19 hours: A quick pint(s) after work. Probably going to be fine the next day

19-20 hours: Going out for a drink plus 3 for the road

20-21 hours: If you started after work, there is enough time to do some serious damage

21-22 hours: Planned to just be out for a few drinks and the window for dinner has been and gone. On train home and in bed for the normal time.

22-23 hours: Calling it a night before 11pm means you made the choice to go home not because someone rang a bell 

23-24 hours: A key milestone is to stop before midnight. A lot of people have this as their goal.

24-25 hours: Not many nights out finish between midnight and 1am. It is kind of a no man's land between pub finishing time and going "out out". People often push to get things done by midnight to get the last train/tube/bus home

25-26 hours: Probably involved a kebab and a late night drinking establishment. Maybe a bit of dancing.

26-28 hours: Past the usual finishing time for a big night out. A big night out with the stragglers being swept out of the establishment just before cut off at 4am. 

28-30 hours: Having it very large. 4am is a typical end to the night so only a small number of nights can go on this long and often they include substances similar to Tailwind.

30-36 hours: These are places that need some insider knowledge. Potential candidates include the Swan at Stockwell, and Duck & Waffle. People are going to work the next day is very much underway. Generally you need to go overseas to have nights out this long.

36 hours+: Really specialist sector here featuring locations such as The Church at Bagley's studio  

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