Saturday 7 November 2015

Things I have eaten and drank during races this year

After watching Michael Arnstein's film of running the WSER on just raw fruit and veg , it made me think about what I had eaten and drank while running races this year. Only things consumed between gun and finish line count. Needless to say I am not a fruitarian and don't eat like this normally! This was over the course of 226.2 miles of running in the Centurion TP100, A100 and the Vanguard Way marathon.

My strategy with racing has been to grab things quickly in aid stations and start walking with a few things in my hand. This has led to some poor food choices. However I maintain the combo of Maryland cookie, pork pie and coke being the holy trinity of fast medium and slow release foods. I grabbed these at mile 30 of TP100 and viewed it as a stroke of genius.

This is almost certainly not a complete list....

Tea with milk
Coffee with milk
High 5zero tabs with water
High5 carb drinks
High5 gels (first choice for gels)
GU chomps (like wine gums - not bad)
GU gels (salted caramel good but a bit gooey)
Clif bars (blueberry crisp and choc chip)
Jelly babies
Plain crisps
Cheese sandwich
Ham sandwich
Tunnoch Caramel
Ginger and chilli chocolate (that was a surprise after 79 miles)
Cherry tomatoes
Pom bear crisps
Mini scotch eggs
Sausage rolls
Pork pie
Pasta bolognese
Chilli con carne
Pasta soup
Maryland cookie (great ultra food)
Whole boiled egg
Vegetable soup
Peanut butter wrap
Gin drizzle cake (thanks Sarah Barker)
Mars bar

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